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Organic Biocatalyst

Unix-d is an organic biocatalyst powder, thought for the hygiene and environmental remediation that develops its polyvalent activity both in tq and liquid states. It is water-soluble on any organic-vegetal biomass. It operates an immediate process of organic transformation in every environment through the metabolization and the humification of the handled substances.

Unix-d is specific for the treatment of wastewater and sludge that sediments in civil and industrial buildings plants, pipes and sewage pipes of large and small buildings, wells blacks, descaling and deodorization of the ducting, waste treatment in slaughterhouses and in oil and wine processing factories.

a) in the purifiers:
- It accelerates the biological degradation by reducing the retention times
- It facilitates the removal of s.o. and overcomes stress resulting from organic overloads
- It eliminates the formation of surface foam and light sludge due to the presence of filamentous bacteria
- It promotes clotting bacteria flakes and microorganisms, facilitating the sedimentation
- It improves sludge stabilization becoming more suitable for their use in Agriculture
- It reduces the oxygen demand, alternating between periods of work and rest of compressors, with an approx. 50% reduction of electricity consumption
- It reduces pathogenic bacteria to their elimination
- It eliminates odors and the formation of insects
- It controls the pH values bringing them close to neutrality, favouring biological processes.

b) into the sewer system:
- It begins the aerobic activity for an almost total elimination of organic substances, with a drastic reduction of BOD5
- It removes scale produced by fatty substances, preventing clogging and blockages
- It reduces the presence of pathogenic bacteria down to zero, excluding the use of disinfectants.

c) in the pits IMHOFF:
- It accelerates the fermentation processes by reducing the retention times
- It promotes the formation of a smaller amount of sludge with a better quality of stabilization
- It eliminates bad odours arising from particular putrefactive reactions.
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Nature at nature’s service
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