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Long lasting natural cleaner for roads


BioCleaner "Oil" is a completely natural product made from blends of essential oils.
It has a radical detergent action and it is a powerful disinfectant and deodorizer for road surfaces, places, markets, etc.. .
Due to its natural composition it prevents the formation of insects, larvae, bacteria, fungi and pathogenic microorganisms.

Lemon essential oil, essential oil of eucalyptus, fennel essential oil, thymol, solubilizer, demineralized H2O.
Liquid deodorizing for industrial and environmental use

BioDEODOR "Oil" is a product based on blends of essential oils to be used exclusively prior to Hydro-dilution (diluting in water). It has strong deodorising properties intended for large spaces, it acts as a microbicide and it is active on a wide range of microorganisms with preventive action against flies and mosquitoes.
It has a radical deodorising action for roads, local markets, squares, lay- storage, fish markets, dumpsters, etc.

Lemon Essential Oil, Lemongrass Essential Oil, Essential Oil of Eucalyptus, solubilizing non-ionic surfactant, deionized H2O.
Natural insecticide for environmental remediation


BioINSEKTY "Oil" is natural and long-lasting, the enemy of all insects.
It's a plant extract that eliminates in a radical way all cold-blooded insects such as flies, mosquitoes, ticks, lice, fleas, aphids, ants, gnats, termites, moths, spiders, etc., regardless of their stage of development.
Reclamation of municipal roads, gardens, public and / or private streets, dumpsters MSW, etc..

Composition: 35% Potassium oleate; 1% Pyrethrine, 7.5% vegetable oil, 0.3% of essential oils; 2% dynamised microelements; non-ionic solubilizer; Spore 2x109 m / l water demineralized water.
OmeoSTARTER is a biological product based on mineral extracts, herbal and dynamised trace elements with micronized activated carbon. It nourishes, supports and develops non-pathogenic bacteria present in the heaps of organic substances as well as absorbing unpleasant odours.
It is specific for the treatment and reclamation of smelly territories: Urban Solid Waste - Special Organic Waste - Composting - Biological Purification.

Omeo starter accelerates and fastly develops
the processes of odours' reduction and organic matter oxidation both in purifiers and in landfills with a double action. The first action is the result of the stimulation of bacterial colonies present in the heaps made by its dynamised mineral and vegetable ingredients. The second action, which takes place through the effect of molecules of micronized active carbon, has the function of absorbing the malodorous molecules. It can be mixed with the the eco-omeobios ® (bioactive, Baxter BT and UNIX) products, or can be used on its own in order to capture malodorous molecules.
The CLEANER - It is an hygienic detergent for industrial use, it's a Chloractive disinfectant, moderately foaming & with strong detergent properties. It is recommended in particular for manual cleaning and disinfection, ideal for instant elimination of odors and organic substances on any type of surface and especially on aluminum, zinc, steel, plastics, concrete and asphalt.
The CLEANER, 95% biodegradable, is a formulation based on non-ionic surfactants, stabilizers, sodium hydroxide, sodium hypochlorite, organic dispersants, able to emulsify the more resistant fats, viruses, pathogenic bacteria, to ensure perfect hygiene of the treated surfaces.

The CLEANER is particularly suitable for the local markets cleaning and sanitizing, and for the streets and avenues cleaning.
Cleaner "cars"
Cleaner “Cars” is a very degreasing alkali cleaner, very concentrated, good for persistent filth. It quickly and effectively removes grease and carbon. It’s perfect for hand cleaning, ideal for immediate grease substance and persistent filth cleaning.
Cleaner “Cars” is specific for industrial cars, garbage trucks, special waste containers and muds, trucks, power shovel, vehicles and so on.
Biomaco: a complete range of organic products, the result of years of research, useful to solve in a natural way any problem about environment, agriculture and livestock.
Because we put Nature at nature’s service.
Nature at nature’s service
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