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Bioactive is a biological product based on disruptive microorganisms (enzymes) and dynamised minerals (catalysts) useful to speed up all the natural processes of transformation and oxidation of organic substances.

The Bioactive is a bi-component (Humificant + Catalyst) that allows you to clean up organic waste such as MSW, sewage sludge, waste, organic masses, composting, etc..
- Elimination of unpleasant odors and smelly stench arising from the fermentation and decomposition of organic substances
- Reduction of natural oxidation and degradation of SO
- Reclamation from bacterial pathogens and viruses
- Increases the quantity and quality of biogas, up to 30%
- Reduction of pollutant loads of leachate, with clear improvements of COD, BOD, pH, ammonia nitrogen, etc.
Biomaco: a complete range of organic products, the result of years of research, useful to solve in a natural way any problem about environment, agriculture and livestock.
Because we put Nature at nature’s service.
Nature at nature’s service
Waste treatment Plants treatment Composting plants
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Septic tank
Environmental hygiene Bins washing
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Manure treatment Stables cleaning Sewage reclamation and recycling