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The BIOFERTIL is a natural, non-toxic product, useful to enable and accelerate all processes of organic transformation. Due to its unique formulation, it provides enzymes and disruptive microorganisms useful to activate the soil's / terrain's "Detritivore" metabolism and it "wakes up" all the natural processes of transformation of the organic substances. It's a very powerful biological transformer, which is classified as a natural supplement for the ecosystem. Thanks to the completeness of its formulation and its energetic properties, it is very effective in organic matter mineralization and has an excellent capabilty of activating carbon and

nitrogen. Its beneficial effects are noticeable in soils with a high presence of humus, organic carbon, organic nitrogen (with optimal transformations of the nitric and ammoniacal ones), fixation Phosphorus, Potassium Biofertil is also beneficial for the regulation of the Ph.

The BIOFERTIL ® is made of two components (soil conditioner and enhancer) which, when appropriately mixed, create the final product.
Clorofil Terra
Organic liquid fertilizer

According to the most recent scientific studies, which have clarified with empirical methods the modes of action and the theoretical basis of all the work done in agriculture for millennia, it is possible to state that the basis of that precious thing called "fertility of the land" is nothing more than "LIFE".
The "Life" of the plants that grow in that land.
The "Life" of so-called soil pests which play an invaluable role in earth upheaval, and in the processing and preparation of mineral particles in the Earth's crust.
The "Life" of microbes, bacteria, actinomycetes, fungi that permeate the soil
as much as the plants’ roots and all insects ecologically cohabiting.

Humus is made of all these elements, which are the basis of all nutritional processes that crops Need. Its deficiency, caused by massive chemical interventions, creates imbalances and diseases to plants, thus reducing the quantity and quality of production. For these deficiencies, imbalances and diseases, CLOROFIL EARTH - is the solution to tackle these deficiencies imbalances and diseases, it is a Stimulating Broadcast Fertilizer and a natural product essential for the performance of the biological cycle. It improves the Humic strength, bringing nutrients to the soil that are subtracted during collection.
Biomaco: a complete range of organic products, the result of years of research, useful to solve in a natural way any problem about environment, agriculture and livestock.
Because we put Nature at nature’s service.
Nature at nature’s service
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