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biological pesticides

The tendency of modern fruit growing practice is moving towards intensive systems, which means having a greater number of plants per hectare. These systems are particularly dependent on external interventions, especially regarding fertilization, irrigation and protection from adversities.

You can't avoid using insecticides and fungicides that determine harmful effects of accumulation and persistence in the soil, in the tissues of plants and animals and ultimately humans, representing one of the potential causes of permanent ecological changes .

As a result of that and through our research we have created PrevINSETT, a biological
insecticide for prevention with the aim of drastically reducing the use of these pesticides. The product is targeted mainly to hit the harmful insects that, in early spring, begin their business. The product is the real alternative to traditional treatments, being highly selective and totally harmless to the ecosystem. Therefore it achieves excellent results in total respect of organic fruit farming.

PrevINSETT is a repellent insecticide made from plant extracts, vegetable oils and ethereal, spores and micro elements in the fight against eggs and larvae of pests, to be applied at bud break. It protects fruit, berry fruit and cochineal-ornamental plants and acts against the aphid, spider mite, the eriofide of the pear tree and the moth of the fruit trees. Acts by contact, ingestion and suffocation.
By definition, pesticides are used to eliminate life forms and parasites. They should be highly selective in order to produce their negative effects only on the target species. However, traditional pesticides may cause phenomena of accumulation and persistence in the soil, in the tissues of plants and animals, and ultimately in humans, being therefore one of the potential causes of ecological permanent changes.

The BIOINSETT Plus is a new generation product, a synthesized composition in liquid form, that bacause of its new formulation based on entomopathogenic fungus, has made the insecticide exceptionally effective and more

environmentally friendly. It is, in fact, prepared with the basics of potassium salt, plant extracts, vegetable oils and ethereal, elements for the control of insects and pests in crops, in the field or in greenhouses.

USE: It's widely used in organic farming. It can be used systematically for the defense of all seasonal or perennial crops as a treatment against the white fly, aphids, the Moscow leafminer, the Bug green, Tripod, the noctuids, spider mites on vegetables, the Beetle, the Bilione, the click-beetles, plants, fruit, berry fruit, etc.
Biomaco: a complete range of organic products, the result of years of research, useful to solve in a natural way any problem about environment, agriculture and livestock.
Because we put Nature at nature’s service.
Nature at nature’s service
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