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Long lasting natural cleaner for industrial use


BioCASSONET "Oil" is a natural product made of blends of essential oils.
It has a radical disinfectant action, it deterges and deodores MSW bins.
Thanks to its natural composition, it prevents the formation of: insects, larvae, bacteria, fungi, pathogenic microorganisms.

Lemon essential oil, orange essential oil, essential oil of eucalyptus, solubilizing not ion demineralized H2O.
The PULICASSONET – an hygienic detergent for industrial use - is a liquid detergent ideal for the instant elimination of odors and organic substances on any type of surface and especially on aluminum, zinc, steel and plastics.

The PULICASSONET, is a 95% biodegradable formulation based on
non-ionic surfactants able to emulsify resistant fats, and quaternary ammonium salts, which guarantee a perfect hygiene of the surfaces to be treated.

The PULICASSONET, is pleasantly scented, and is particularly suitable for the cleaning and sanitizing of bins for the collection of MSW.
Natural insecticide for environmental remediation


BioINSEKTY "Oil" is natural and long-lasting, the enemy of all insects.
It's a plant extract that eliminates in a radical way all cold-blooded insects such as flies, mosquitoes, ticks, lice, fleas, aphids, ants, gnats, termites, moths, spiders, etc., regardless of their stage of development.
Reclamation of municipal roads, gardens, public and / or private streets, dumpsters MSW, etc..

Composition: 35% Potassium oleate; 1% Pyrethrine, 7.5% vegetable oil, 0.3% of essential oils; 2% dynamised microelements; non-ionic solubilizer; Spore 2x109 m / l water demineralized water.
Unix -e-
Organic biocatalyst

Unix-e- is an organic biocatalyst powder. It can be used for the hygene and the environmental remedy and develops its activities both in the T.Q. state and in the liquid state. Unix-e is water-soluble on any organic-vegetal biomass.
In any condition, it activates the immediate process of organic transformation through the breakdown and absorption of handled substances.

Unix-e is a bio-enzimatic powder mixture consisting of enzymes and freeze-dried bacteria and activating catalyst, which develops its activity both in the T.Q. state and in the liquid state, water-soluble on any organic biomass - plant. In any environment, it activates an immediate process of organic transformation through the breakdown of handled organic substances.
Specific for the treatment of Urban Solid Waste - Leachate - Bin Cleaning - Aprons - Markets - Grids of sewage collection and sewage systems - organic composting piles.

Landfill Effects
- total elimination of unpleasant odours and smelly fumane arising from waste decomposition
- accelerated biomass reduction, resulting in occupied volume reduction
- increased production and quality improvement of biogas, up to 30% more.

Environment Effects
washing of fats and organic residual substances, remediation of viruses and pathogenic bacterias.
Biomaco: a complete range of organic products, the result of years of research, useful to solve in a natural way any problem about environment, agriculture and livestock.
Because we put Nature at nature’s service.
Nature at nature’s service
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