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Baxter BT-e
The Baxter "BT-e" is a special mixed culture of selected bacterial strains that generates a concentrated product of non-pathogenic living microorganisms, both aerobic and anaerobic, transforming the pollutants into "food" for the same microorganisms. In this way the complex and harmful molecules can be "digested" and decomposed into simpler and harmless elements. As a matter of fact, this is an high-quality product of modern technology that is used effectively against the pollution deriving from decaying organic matter.

The Baxter "BT-e" is universally applicable:
- To reclaim storage sites of dangerous waste and solid waste of organic matrix
- For the biological transformation of sludge from civil and industrial purifier as long as it is biological (not chemical-physical)
- For the reclamation of polluted areas
- To accelerate the process of biodegradation of fats, oils and proteins.

- Treatments of environmental bio-remediation of brownfields and contaminated by hydrocarbons, alcohols and chlorinated compounds
- Areas of organic waste disposal
- Reclamation by liquefaction and digestion of fats, more resistant organic waste, starch and protein materials as well as substances with high values of specific Bod / Cod
- Collectors drain
- Clarifiers or settling ponds
- Landfill leachate collection wells and cisterns and drains from clogging with serious problems
- For the biodegradability of organic materials, colors, lacquers, adhesives, solvents, phenols, derivatives of oil, emulsions, BTX-PAK-AOX.
Bioactive is a biological product based on disruptive microorganisms (enzymes) and dynamised minerals (catalysts) useful to speed up all the natural processes of transformation and oxidation of organic substances.

The Bioactive is a bi-component (Humificant + Catalyst) that allows you to clean up organic waste such as MSW, sewage sludge, waste, organic masses, composting, etc..
- Elimination of unpleasant odors and smelly stench arising from the fermentation and decomposition of organic substances
- Reduction of natural oxidation and degradation of SO
- Reclamation from bacterial pathogens and viruses
- Increases the quantity and quality of biogas, up to 30%
- Reduction of pollutant loads of leachate, with clear improvements of COD, BOD, pH, ammonia nitrogen, etc.
Unix -e-
Organic biocatalyst

Unix-e- is an organic biocatalyst powder. It can be used for the hygene and the environmental remedy and develops its activities both in the T.Q. state and in the liquid state. Unix-e is water-soluble on any organic-vegetal biomass.
In any condition, it activates the immediate process of organic transformation through the breakdown and absorption of handled substances.

Unix-e is a bio-enzimatic powder mixture consisting of enzymes and freeze-dried bacteria and activating catalyst, which develops its activity both in the T.Q. state and in the liquid state, water-soluble on any organic biomass - plant. In any environment, it activates an immediate process of organic transformation through the breakdown of handled organic substances.
Specific for the treatment of Urban Solid Waste - Leachate - Bin Cleaning - Aprons - Markets - Grids of sewage collection and sewage systems - organic composting piles.

Landfill Effects
- total elimination of unpleasant odours and smelly fumane arising from waste decomposition
- accelerated biomass reduction, resulting in occupied volume reduction
- increased production and quality improvement of biogas, up to 30% more.

Environment Effects
washing of fats and organic residual substances, removal of viruses and pathogenic bacterias.
Biomaco: a complete range of organic products, the result of years of research, useful to solve in a natural way any problem about environment, agriculture and livestock.
Because we put Nature at nature’s service.
Nature at nature’s service
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