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The EnzimODOR is a mixture of natural compounds of vegetal and organic-mineral origin, useful to activate and accelerate all processes of organic transformation. Its unique formulation carries disruptive microorganisms (enzymes) and minerals (catalysts) useful to "wake up" all the processes of transformation of S.O. It represents the specific treatment of any organic-based slurry (civil purifiers, sewage, IMHOFF tanks), since it accelerates the purification in a natural way. The EnzimODOR consists of two products (Humificant and catalytic converter) which, suitably mixed, allow to obtain the final product.

It is specific for the treatment of wastewater of civil and industrial purifiers, pipes and sewage pipes of large and small apartment buildings, wells blacks, descaling and deodorization of the ducting, waste treatment in slaughterhouses and processing factories in oil and wine.

Effects in plants
- It accelerate the process of biological degradation by reducing the retention times
- It facilitates the removal of s.o. and overcoming stress resulting from organic overloads
- It reduces pathogenic bacteria to their elimination
- It eliminates odors and the formation of insects
- It controls the pH values and bring them close to neutrality, favoring biological processes. effects into sewer .

Effects into sewer
- It starts up the aerobic exercise producing an almost total removal of the organic substances through a drastic reduction of BOD5
- It eliminates scale due to fat substances to prevent clogging and blockages
- It reduces the presence of pathogenic bacteria, down to zero, excluding the use of disinfectants.

Effects in the pits IMHOFF
- It accelerates the fermentation processes by reducing the retention times
- It favours the formation of a smaller amount of sludge with a better quality of stabilization
- It eliminates unpleasant odors arising from particular putrefactive reactions.
Baxter BT-d
The environmental issue is quite visible: clean water is a precious good for the whole of Nature, it is an indispensable "raw material". However, the wastewater is continuously growing and represents a strong threat to the whole Environment.

The Baxter "BT-d" is a special mixed culture of selected bacterial strains that give rise to a concentrated product of non-pathogenic living microorganisms, both aerobic and anaerobic, transforming the pollutants into "food" for the same microorganisms. In this way the complex and harmful molecules can be "digested" and decomposed into simpler and harmless elements.
Therefore, this is an high-quality product of modern technology that is used effectively against the pollution of wastewater.

The Baxter "BT-d" is universally employable:
- To improve the operation of purifier plants
- To initiate and stabilize the operation of the chip biofilter
- To clean the drainage system
- To stabilise the complex process of sliding of the slurry in the purifier
- To clean up polluted areas
- To accelerate the process of biodegradation of fats, oils and proteins.
Biomaco: a complete range of organic products, the result of years of research, useful to solve in a natural way any problem about environment, agriculture and livestock.
Because we put Nature at nature’s service.
Nature at nature’s service
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